Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The screen protector for my phone does not cover entire front panel. Did I receive wrong product?

If your device has curved/beveled edges, regular glass screen protector may not provide full coverage on your device. With a glass, you will have a problem with the edges not sticking when protector applied over beveled area of the front panel - any glass, being rigid, will always pull away from curved surface. Please, consider 3D full coverage glass screen protector for your phone.


  • What do I do if there are bubbles under the screen protector I can not remove?

Small bubbles or watermarks, not caused by lint or dust (!), are normal and will dissipate on their own within approximately  5 days. To remove large bubbles, use your fingers to firmly push them out towards the edges. Dust or lint bubbles will not dissipate! To remove dust or lint bubbles (which can be identified by an object inside the bubble) use soft card to carefully pry up the screen protector from the side closest to the bubble (with no to minimal bending to the glass), then slide a piece of scotch tape (sticky side facing the object) to pull the dust from the adhesive payer of the screen protector before lowering glass back down. Never touch adhesive with your fingers!


  • Can I remove Inskin glass screen protector from my device?

If you have a glass screen protector, it will not shatter into pieces and will hold all the pieces in place even if it is to crack. Since all of our screen glass protectors are  designed with a special silicone adhesive, product will not leave any residue on your screen if you choose to take it off.


  • Will Inskin screen protector work with my protective case?

Regular glass screen protectors are designed to be compatible with most protective cases. 3D full coverage screen protectors will offer limited compatibility with ultra- slim and low profile cases only: 3D screen protector is made to provide maximum coverage on your device and leaves no room for the lip of the case. Please, note that it is not possible to test our products with all third party accessories on the market.


  • Do your glass screen protectors carry any warranty?

Inskin offers a limited lifetime warranty on all glass screen protectors. This warranty is only valid for screen protectors that are considered defects. Defect defined as an imperfection or flaw that is produced by a manufacturing error. Any type of physical damage such as accidental drops, cracks or chips from pressure, bending and damage to the glass during application and/or removal, customer controlled issues (such as dust, alignment etc.), use with incompatible third party accessories, normal wear and tear are not covered under this warranty.