Application Instructions


The silicone adhesive system is designed for one-time application. Protector should not be removed for the purpose of reinstalling. When removed for re-use, the adhesive properties might wear off to an extent. It is normal to see some minor bubbles and watermarks after application. They will dissipate on their own within approximately one week from application. Use of excessive force or bending when installing the glass may damage the product. 



  • Start by choosing a brightly lit and dust-free environment. Wash and dry your hands.

Tip: We recommend to install screen protector in a bathroom. Lightly steam up the air by running hot water in your shower for 1-2 minutes. Higher humidity will help to eliminate static and settle airborne dust.

  • To remove oil or smudges form surface of the screen, use alcohol prep swab or apply few drops of isopropyl alcohol. Wipe the screen with the microfiber cloth and buff thoroughly until surface is streak free.
  • Peel off included dusting tape/sticker from paper backing. Pick up lint left by the cloth and any remaining dust particles by reapplying the tape over front panel of your device as needed. Repeat steps 1-3 until surface is completely clean and free of dirt, oil and dust. Do NOT touch the screen once it's cleaned.



  • Try glass for a good fit.
*For full adhesive 3D screen protectors with application guide tool (plastic frame), install this tool first.
  • Gently pull the tab to remove the entire protective liner. Always hold the glass by its sides only!

Tip: Use cut-outs for earpiece speaker and home button (NOT one side of your phone or edge of the lit section of the LCD) as a guidance.

  • Once you are you are satisfied with alignment, carefully lower the screen protector down. For regular and 3D full adhesive screen protectors, apply force in the middle of the screen by pressing lightly. Wait few seconds until you see glass stops adhering. Remove any air bubbles by gently pushing outwards from the center. For edge only adhesive 3D screen protectors, apply light pressure along the edges of the glass to ensure proper adhesion. Enjoy!



  • Small bubbles or watermarks, not caused by lint or dust, will dissipate within 2-5 days. Just give the process some time and let the adhesive do it's magic. To remove large bubbles, use your fingers to firmly push bubbles out towards the edges.
  • To remove dust or lint bubbles (which can be identified by an object inside the bubble) use soft card to carefully pry up the screen protector from the side closest to the bubble (with no to minimal bending to the glass), then slide a piece of scotch tape (sticky side facing the object) to pull the dust from the adhesive payer of the screen protector before lowering glass back down. Do touch adhesive with your fingers!