Some protectors will not have a cut out for the camera and may appear to be cut backwards since you will see another cut out next to earpiece speaker. This cut out is for the proximity sensor. Glass has high light penetration properties and will not affect functionality of the camera. We are phasing out cut outs for the camera as our goal is to protect as much surface as possible, but your phone won't function properly if proximity sensor was covered by the glass.


Please, keep in mind that on devices with curved edges coverage of the product will be limited to the flat section of the front panel, leaving curved edges exposed. With a glass edges of the protector will not stick when it is applied over bevelled area - glass, being rigid, will always pull away from curved surface. Current design is a balance between adhesion and coverage and based on extensive research and input from our customers.


Keep in mind that edges of the screen protector, as edges of any glass, are the MOST vulnerable areas. To prevent chipping your glass has polished edges, however we strongly recommend that you pair this product with a compatible case that will guard edges of the glass from side impacts.


Application Instructions:

Clean surface and precise alignment are keys for professional results. 

Tip: Start by choosing a brightly lit and dust-free(!) environment. Wash your hands with a soap. We recommend that you install screen protector in a bathroom. Steam up the air by running hot water in your shower for few minutes. Higher humidity will help to eliminate static and settle airborne dust.

Tip: Never touch adhesive with your fingers. Please, review installation videos on YouTube by searching "Inskin screen protector installation".

STEP 1: Use alcohol prep swab to remove oil or smudges form the screen (or apply few drops of isopropyl alcohol on included cloth if swab does not come with your kit). Buff thoroughly with included microfiber cloth.

STEP 2: Peel off included BLUE ANTI-STATIC/DUSTING TAPE from paper backing. This tape will pick up lint left by the cloth and take care of dust particles. Reapply tape as necessary to go over the entire front panel. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until surface is clean and free of dirt, oil and dust.

STEP 3: Holding the glass by its sides, carefully peel protective liner. Use cut-outs for earpiece speaker and home button (NOT side of your phone or edge of the lit section of the LCD) as a guidance to center your protector. Take you time aligning the product. When you are satisfied with position, lower the screen protector down. Please, DO NOT(!) remove the glass for the purpose of re-installing as it is ONE-TIME USE product. Wait few seconds until you see glass stops adhering. Apply force in the middle of the screen by pressing lightly(!). Repeatedly sweep through the surface of the protector from the middle of the screen towards the edges while applying light pressure to ensure proper adhesion. Push out any air bubbles towards the nearest edge. Enjoy!

If you experienced problems applying the protector or dissatisfied with the product in any way, please contact us via email or call us toll-free at 1-866-576-0159.


What it takes to install the Inskin glass screen protector? Check out video from our colleagues at Inskin Europe - watch 14 years installing Inskin Glass on her iPhone 4.



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