There are essentially five types of screen protectors: Crystal Clear, Matte (Anti Glare), Mirror, Privacy and Tempered Glass. Each with their own benefits and quirks. Choosing the right protector is entirely dependent on your needs.

High Definition Ultra Clear. This is the most practical and traditional option. The only purpose of the screen protector is to take the beating of day-to-day life while allowing your phone screen to remain sharp and clear.

  • Pros: Clarity. Virtually invisible on the device.
  • Cons: None.


Matte/Anti-Glare. These screen protectors have special layer that prevent self-reflection and glare from natural day light as well as artificial lighting. The matte finish also significantly reduces appearance of fingerprints and smudges.

  • Pros: Superb reduction of mirror-like reflection for improved viewing in bright light. A smooth touch-screen feel. Exceptional resistance to fingerprints and smudges.
  • Cons: Slight loss in clarity and resolution


Privacy. Sensitive data and confidential information are increasingly displayed in mobile environments. Often applied to computers, privacy screen protectors limit the viewing angle of your device, ensuring that only you can view the active screen. These protectors also shield your screen from scratches and daily wear. So wherever you go, you can keep your business your business.

  • Pros: Limit viewing angle where privacy is a concern.
  • Cons: Slight loss in clarity. It is recommended that you turn up the brightness as privacy screen protectors will darken the image.

Mirror: It gives your screen mirror-like properties when phone is turned off or in standby mode while protecting LCD screen from scratches, dust, scrapes and daily wear. The screen protector becomes transparent and allows you to view the contents on the screen when the device is turned on.

  • Pros: Comes handy when you are trying to make the best of your morning commute.
  • Cons: Slight loss in clarity. It is recommended that you turn up the brightness as mirror screen protector will darken the image.


Tempered Glass: When it comes to screen protection, nothing compares to the feel and clarity of the glass. Tempered glass is also four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it fails. Rated hardness of 9H offers superior protection from impacts, scratches, dust, scrapes and daily wear without reducing resolution or fading colors of your screen. A smudge-resistant coating significantly reduces appearance of fingerprints and smudges. Once you try it, you'll never use plastic screen protector again!

  • Pros: The best protection for your device available to date. Feel and purity of real glass. No clarity/resolution loss with exceptional impact and scratch resistance.
  • Cons: Price. Can only adhere to perfectly flat surface and available to limited number of models.  
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